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    No Matter What!
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    Loving Others is Easy When You Don’t Focus on Differences
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The BITE Model and Mormon Control Released on Kindle!

The BITE Model and Mormon Control

The article I wrote ten years ago, based on Steven Hassan’s BITE Model of cult control, is now an ebook! I updated it and added more content and it is now available on Kindle for your reading convenience. The original is still available for free right here on this website. If you’d like the new, …

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Feeling the Spirit as a Secular Mormon
Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Spirit

Power of the Holy Ghost Moroni 10:5

Many of the highly-promoted interpretations of LDS doctrines are divisive, shame-inducing, and thought-stopping in nature, as I’ve described in my book, Recovering Agency. But what if there is a more loving, inclusive, mind-freeing, self-actualizing way to interpret some of those same doctrines that increases free agency rather than restricts it? Wouldn’t such an interpretation be …

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Returning to the Flock, But Not As a Sheep

Last Sunday, I went back to Church for the first time in fifteen years. Yes, to Mormon church. I’ve been talking about doing this for awhile now, ever since the North Seattle Stake sent a letter inviting LGBT members back to a supposedly open and affirming atmosphere. I didn’t leave the Church because I am …

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“Therefore Apostle Bednar Induced Their Fears”

During the most recent LDS General Conference, Apostle David A. Bednar delivered a talk that promised to “hush” members’ fear. But in a highly manipulative series of twists and turns, he instead amps up fear, channels it down routes that benefit the Church, reframes the source of fear, and then in an exciting backflip into …

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Elder Pearson Asks Mormons To Stay By The Tree,
No Matter What!

Pearson is a relative newbie who wasn’t a General Authority when I was still a member. He is charismatic, animated, and funny. While I liked his delivery style, the core of his message centered on thought reform. This message is, “Keep on believing no matter what.” Don’t let any trials, doubts, and questions steer you …

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General Conference: Scrambling to Close the Floodgates of Apostasy

April 2015 LDS General Conference seemed to have one major theme: Apostasy. The majority of talks were about bolstering personal faith in the face of doubt and dealing with wayward loved ones. This session seemed as reactionary as last fall’s. Then, in the context of legalized marriage equality, leadership emphasized family values. This conference, in …

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Dear Elder Oaks:
Loving Others is Easy When You Don’t Focus on Differences

October 2014 LDS General Conference: Mind Control Overview Last weekend, the Mormon Church held its semi-annual General Conference, two days of religious talks that all members are expected to watch. I’ve listened to many Conference talks in my lifetime, both before I left the Church and since. This year, one talk stood out, because I saw …

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Mormon Feminist Blog Questions LDS Coercion

The Exponent II is publication for Mormon feminists. These open-minded women are true believing Mormons who question certain aspects of the LDS faith, especially those relating to women’s issues. It is named after the original Women’s Exponent newspaper, which was read by 10% of LDS women until the Church came out with an official women’s magazine …

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Recovering Agency Press Kit

Part of the media, or have a blog? Interested in learning more about Luna Lindsey’s new book, Recovering Agency: Lifting the Veil of Mormon Mind Control? Please check out the press kit. You can also contact Luna to see if you are eligible to receive a review copy of the book. Luna Lindsey Recovering Agency Press …

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Press Release: Ex-Mormon Connects the Dots Between Mind Control and the LDS Church

JKSCommunications A literary publicity firm FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  EX-MORMON AUTHOR CONNECTS THE DOTS BETWEEN MIND CONTROL AND THE LDS CHURCH Writing from personal experience, Luna Lindsey releases ‘Recovering Agency’ this July SEATTLE, Wash. – When Luna Lindsey left the Mormon faith in 2001 at the age of 26, she didn’t think she had anything to …

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