Mormon-Related Sites

  • The Official Internet Site of the LDS Church – Go direct to the source — there is much to be learned here.
  • The Post-Mormon Online Community – A community of like minded post- and ex-Mormons. Their resources include an interactive forum and an online magazine.
  • Recovery from Mormonism – “A site for those who are questioning their faith in the Mormon Church and for those who need support as they transition their lives to a normal life.” The site keeps an archive of exit stories, articles on various aspects of the Mormon religion including history and current affairs, and an interactive discussion forum.
  • Mormon No More – How to resign from the Mormon Church. Includes advice, stories, and example resignation letters.
  • Exmormon Foundation – Hosts the annual Exmormon Conference.
  • Life After Mormonism – The Social Network Serving the Exmormon Community.
  • Reddit Exmormons – A Reddit community for Exmormons.
  • Affirmation – LGBT Mormons, Families, Allies, & Friends.
  • Re-Thinking Mormonism – A collection of insightful articles and commentary on Mormonism.
  • The Mormon Curtain – Exmormon news and blog.
  • An Objective Look at the LDS Church  – Includes information on controversies.
  • – Many articles on all aspects of the LDS church, including criticisms, exit stories, Church history, and controversial figures.
  • 20 Truths About Mormonism – An overview of many key points of the Mormon deceptions.
  • Cult Education Institute (formerly Rick Ross Institute) on Mormons – A site collecting information and news releases on cults. This link goes to their page on Mormonism. He also has a page dedicated to fundamentalist polygamy groups.
  • Dialogue – A Journal of Mormon Thought.
  • Sunstone Magazine – Open-minded intellectual LDS magazine.
  • Mormon Stories Podcast – Run by John Dehlin, grapples with difficult issues for members.
  • New Order Mormon – Current members who seek a less dogmatic view of Mormonism.
  • Ordain Women – LDS feminists seeking equality in leadership roles.

Cult-Related Sites, Religious Trauma Recovery, and Other Organizations

***An important note about the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) and FOCUS!!! Please avoid these groups. In 1995, CAN declared bankruptcy, and all of their assets and intellectual property was purchased by a Scientologist. This included rights to the names (including FOCUS). The website is now run by Scientologists, and information there should be treated with suspicion. (ReFOCUS is the new incarnation of FOCUS, and is legitimate.)

Articles & Papers


Social Psychology, Cults, & Mind Control

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LDS Exit Stories

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LDS Controversies

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Building New Beliefs, Skepticism, and Spirituality Outside Organized Religion

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