The BITE Model and Mormon Control Released on Kindle!

The article I wrote ten years ago, based on Steven Hassan’s BITE Model of cult control, is now an ebook! I updated it and added more content and it is now available on Kindle for your reading convenience.

The original is still available for free right here on this website. If you’d like the new, more convenient read, head over to Amazon for The BITE Model and Mormon Control.

 The BITE Model and Mormon Control

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    • Bret on May 22, 2022 at 2:27 pm
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    I would like to encourage anyone to read this book. To realize the falsehoods that go on in the church. To realize all the pain that they have caused. To realize, just as I have, how false this church is. How much control they have over you and your every day lives. Break free, take your lives back. I have realized this, after years of mind control, and never felt better. I have never felt more free.

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